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We are scheduling High School and Jr. High cheerleading teams for tumbling classes. Please contact us if you are a coach and want us to improve your squads tumbling, jumps or stunts.

All Star Cheer


Congratulations to the

Snow Power Blizzards &

Snow Power Flurries!

2011- Illinois State AAU 1st place

Level 2 - Mini

Level 2- Youth


Want to be a cheerleader? 

This program is specifically just for that. We are extremely excited about our cheer program. Our proven cheer program has consistantly produced some of the best  college level cheerleaders by concentrating on building from the basic to the most elite cheer skills.  We teach each child to be self motivated, the importance of working as a team, and most of all, we teach them safety. Putting all of these life lessons together, you have a recipe for success that takes them through their entire lives. Thats something to cheer about!

*All Star Cheerleading*

This is a chance for you child to show off their skills! 

Our hand selected team practices to compete and perform at local and state venues. Become part of the elite team by showing your perfected skills and compete with some  of the best in and around the surrounding areas. The All - Star cheer squad is definitely a commitment. We require a 1 year commitment for our cheer squad.  It is so important to learn to  work as a team because that is what life is about



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icon Sub Zero

Sub Zero Squad is ages 18 and under.

Level 4